How SmiloShine® Can Help To Improve Oral Health And Teeth Whitening

Let’s accept it we all love our tea, coffee and junk food too much. And this love towards it, leads to stained yellow or brown teeth.


No matter how much we take care of them, these stubborn strains doesn’t go away easily.

That’s where SmiloShine® comes in to bring back that smile on our face with their innovation in teeth whitening!


Now the main question comes in - What is teeth whitening and how does SmiloShine® work to improve oral health?




Teeth Whitening


Is a process of removing yellow or brown stains from the outer layer of the teeth to restoring the teeth in terms of its colour and health.


How Does It Works To Improve Oral Health?


SmiloShine® with their innovation in teeth whitening restores oral health in two ways:

  1. They carefully remove tooth stains from the outer layer of the tooth,
  2. Then they remove strain from enamel surface.


All these steps help to prevent future stains too.


What Causes Teeth Staining?


Teeth staining can occur because of many reasons. Some the common reasons are-

  • Drinking certain drinks- such as tea, coffee, wine
  • Smoking- using tobacco products leads dangerous bad oral health.
  • Poor hygiene- not brushing your teeth twice a day, or not brushing properly.
  • Illness- certain illness can lead to yellowish teeth


These are some of the common reasons why straining of the teeth occurs.


Here Are Some Ways You Can Easily Whiten Your Teeth -


  1. Maintain good oral hygiene routine – Use proper brushing steps to ensure your teeth is cleaned properly. Doing it twice daily. Use these for proper oral hygiene products like -



  1. Limit Sugary drinks-

There is no doubt that we everyday take caffeine to get that energy in our body. But these drinks like energy drinks and cold drinks, has huge amount of sugar in it. This does not even hamper our oral health but also our physical health. That’s why it is important to use products that are new in innovation in teeth whitening as they are good for your health. Instead of those ineffective products in the market which does more harm than any good. Giving you irritated, sensitive and weaker teeth.


  1. Don’t forget to clean your tongue-

Most of the people brush there teeth twice, but they forget that plague can build up on tongue too. Which leads to bad mouth odour. Its better to brush your tongue gently when brushing your teeth.



  1. Try out these amazing FDA approved products –


  1. Teeth Whitening Gel Pen-


This is designed to be used professional dentist as they are FDA approved, which takes care of your safety and gives out the best result. One of the reasons why it is loved by dentist is because of its innovation in teeth whitening and Peroxide formula.


And guess what? You can carry these anywhere. They travel friendly!! Just in your pocket and you are good to go.


  1. Professional Teeth Whitening Strips-


This is another FDA approved product which takes care of your teeth. With its innovation in teeth whitening technique which makes your enamel safe.


Making it the best product for your sensitive and strained teeth!!


They are designed to make it easy to use, 100 % safe, Peroxide-Free Formula and has unique whitening agent called Sodium Chlorite.



Do You Have A Busy Lifestyle?


Don’t worry about your oral health, go for these easy to use, FDA approved, travel friendly designs to get that beautiful smile of yours back!!

These are quick and effective solution for teeth whitening.


Advantages Of SmiloShine® To Improve Oral Health



  1. Professional design- Their products are for professionals that’s why it has professional grade formulation. Now it’s time to say bye to old, boring traditional whitening methods. And say hi to innovation in teeth whitening. its advanced whitening agent Sodium Chlorite goes deep into the enamel, lifting away all the stains and discoloration of the past decades. Get ready to get the best result and increase in your confidence.


  1. It’s time to prioritize safety- No more sensitivity and irritation, with its peroxide-free technique of teeth whitening, ensures that you get a gentle yet outstanding result for you.


  1. For the first time in India- Its FDA approved. These innovation in teeth whitening lessens the adverse effects on you. Now it’s time to take care of your oral health. While SmiloShine® remains committed to delivering safe results.


It’s not just about getting a brighter smile, SmiloShine® puts higher impact on your overall oral health. Get ready to increase your self-esteem and have an impressive impact on people who you meet. Have a healthy and radiant smile with SmiloShine®.

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